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Partnerships for Tutors & Schools

We Want to Work WITH You, Not Compete Against You

The Edge is partnering with test prep tutoring companies and individual tutors to offer a variety of options for their test prep needs. We understand the resources (and vast amounts of time) it takes to develop strategic test prep materials and online offerings and that for most smaller companies, it just isn’t feasible to develop proprietary materials. However, we also realize how important it is for students to supplement their work in our online course with private tutoring.

Our goal is to partner with vetted tutoring companies throughout the US to which we can refer online students looking for 1-on-1 prep. We can also offer you revolutionary teaching tools and tracking systems to use with your current students (instead of relying on cookie cutter books and worksheets).

“Wholesale Subscriptions”

The Edge has created wholesale subscriptions to our online course for various international schools signing up large numbers of their students. We’ve recently partnered with several smaller tutoring companies wishing to utilize this online course for their students. Individual tutors and tutoring companies without their own materials find The Edge’s materials a fantastic supplement to practice tests in the College Board’s and ACT’s book of tests.
The online course is great to assign students for homework because

  1. You can see when they’re completing it
  2. There are video explanations for each question so they can get immediate help when they are struggling
  3. It minimizes the amount of time the tutor needs to spend reviewing wrong questions.

Students will also have access to the database of instructional videos 24/7 so they can refresh their memories on any techniques they might have forgotten from their tutoring session.

Lastly, we have coded The Official SAT Study Guide and Real ACTs by question type. When you input ANY question from either book, our app will automatically tell you EVERY other question in the book that tests the same topic for extra, targeted practice.

How It Works

  • The Edge sets up the tutoring company with a “school subscription.” Anytime the tutoring company wants to sign up a student, they collect payment from the student and pay The Edge directly. The Edge sets up a student account for each of your students and gives you access to all of their accounts.
  • The Edge signs a non-solicitation agreement with all tutoring companies and guarantees we will not solicit your students for services that you provide.
  • Subscription prices are discounted for the tutoring company, so you can either choose to pass that discount on to your clients (as a perk for working with you) or you can charge them the retail price and make a profit.
  • The Edge creates a referral program with the company and will refer online course students in your area who are looking for additional in-person tutoring.

We want to help you help your students achieve their target scores!


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