The Edge in College Prep

Terms and Conditions

Private Tutoring & Admissions Counseling

  • Private tutoring will take place at a student’s home or at an agreed upon meeting place (library, office, etc.) that is mutually convenient for both parties.
  • If the student is located more than 30 minutes away from the tutor/Edge office, additional travel fees will apply.  Travel fees vary by office.
  • If a student signs up for a package, fees must be paid in full by the end of the first session in order to receive that package discount.
  • Package students will have the same instructor for the duration of their package whenever possible.  Should an emergency situation arise where the tutor is incapable of completing her duties, another tutor will similar teaching styles will be placed with the student.
  • If a student or parent chooses to switch tutors in the middle of a package, she must notify the Director of the office immediately and the switch will be made within 2 weeks upon availability.
  • If a student or parent wishes to cancel a package before all of the sessions have been used, she must do so in writing and will be charged the full hourly fee for all completed sessions (no discounts apply) and will be charged a processing fee of 20% of the package price.
  • Students utilizing pay-as-you go tutoring must leave a credit card on file for the duration of the tutoring and will have to pay a 1 session deposit up front.  The balance for each session is due by the end of the session and can be paid by check, credit card, or BACS transfer.
  • Pay-as-you-go students wishing to sign on to a monthly payment plan can do so with the approval of the Director.
  • If a student must cancel or reschedule a lesson, she must notify her instructor at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled lesson.  Failure to do so will result in the student being charged in full for the lesson.  If it is an emergency situation (doctor, death in the family, etc), exceptions will be made upon a doctor’s note, etc.
  • Students opting for an Unlimited Admissions Counseling package must pay in full after the first session.  If a student wishes to terminate this package, she will get a prorated refund for the number of months she was working with her counselor minus a 20% processing fee.

Courses and Bootcamps

  • Students signing up for a course are required to pay in full by the end of the first class (unless they have prior approval for a payment plan with the Director).
  • If a student wishes to stop attending the course, she will receive a prorated refund minus a 20% processing fee.
  • There will be several make-up sessions scheduled throughout the course.  Students are eligible to attend a make-up session as long as they give 1 week’s notice that they will be missing class (unless it is an emergency situation).
  • Schools contracting The Edge to coordinate courses and bootcamps must pay half the contracted fee by the end of the first session and the remaining balance by the halfway point during the course.
  • A school wishing to cancel a course before it has been completed must pay for the prorated amount in addition to a 20% materials fee and must notify the appropriate personnel at least 1 week prior to the end date.
  • If a school must cancel a course, it must return all materials to The Edge upon termination.
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