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Below is a list of organizations with whom we are excited to partner and/or of which The Edge is a member:



GoEnnounce is a place for students to ‘ennounce’ their latest school updates and fundraise.  Whether they’ve made the honor roll last semester, won an award, need studying tips, or help paying for all of those textbooks, GoEnnounce provides students with an outlet to get support, encouragement, and fundraising assistance from family and friends following their education. Edge students can utilize the GoEnnounce platform in order to raise money for a variety of projects and activities to enhance their resumes in preparation for college applications.



The Edge was selected as a winner of British Airway’s 2011 Face of Opportunity contest and attended the Global Entrepreneurship conference in both New York and London to work with the world’s top influences to help grow The Edge’s global brand.

The Edge is a proud member of NACAC, which strives to support and advance the work of both secondary school and college admission counselors as they help students realize their full educational potential. For more information, please visit

The Camp Experts have been advising families since 1987 on summer programs and tutoring options for children between the ages of 3 – 20.  The company has offices worldwide and proudly endorses The Edge test preparation and summer programs to its clients in both the US and the UK.

Friends Academy Summer Camps endorses The Edge and contracts the company to provide SAT and ACT Bootcamps during its summer programs. For more information on its SAT and ACT Programs, please visit

The Edge provides SAT courses for Young Israel members at highly discounted rates in order to give back to the community. For more information on their programs, please visit or

A not-for-profit organization that gives Long Island players the opportunity to play summer travel lacrosse at a subsidized cost. For the Love of the Gamer has partnered with The Edge to provide its players with SAT and ACT preparation courses to bring their academics to the same level as their athletics. For more information, please see

The Yellow Jackets are the FIRST and FINEST competitive Long Island Girl’s lacrosse travel club program. They are highly recognized as the Premier club on Long Island. Yellow Jackets are a “SELECT LACROSSE CLUB” looking for the BEST players from Long Island!! The Yellow Jackets utilize The Edge for test prep and academic tutoring for their players who are preparing to attend competitive universities.

The Edge is an affiliate member of ECIS, a global organization that provides professional development opportunities to its member who are comprised of international schools, individuals and educational organizations.

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